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CHAPTER 10 🌼 Tap into the Daisy's healing power for April born

CHAPTER 10 🌼 Tap into the Daisy's healing power for April born

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 As April arrives, we celebrate the birthdays of Aries and Taurus Moon Girls.🎂Known for their loyalty and reliability, they also possess strong wills and can be stubborn sometimes. To balance their energy and promote relaxation and healing, we’ll explore the gentle energy of Freshwater Pearls and showcase jewelry designs featuring the April birth flower, the Daisy🌼. These pieces are perfect for Aries, Taurus, and all Moon girls of other zodiac signs seeking soul healing. Join us on this journey of exploration!


(Purple Kokoro, 2024)

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and herald of Spring, embodies the vitality of all living things.🌱Ruled by Mars, Aries exhibits a warrior-like persona, brimming with vigor and fiery passion. Their love for freedom often leads them down unconventional paths, which may appear impulsive or headstrong to those unfamiliar with their ways.

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In interpersonal relationships, Aries are the most loyal friends one could have. However, their quick wit can sometimes unintentionally hurt those around them. In matters of love, they wholeheartedly devote themselves to someone they are interested in, openly expressing their feelings.💞Yet, they pursue fast-paced and passionate relationships, craving novelty and excitement, which may lead to feelings of boredom in long-term commitments.

The harmonizing power of Pearls encourages Aries to slow down and appreciate life’s little joys…❤️

Gold Floral Ring - Daisy | LOVE BY THE MOON

Pearls possess the flowing energy of the ocean—gentle yet penetrating🌊. They delicately traverse through the body’s energy centers, opening the heart chakra, purifying negative energy, and promoting balance. With their nourishing and purifying effects on the mind, body, and spirit, Pearls bring about peace and tranquility while releasing stress.🧘‍♀️

By calming the impulsive nature of Aries and stabilizing their fluctuating emotions, Pearls help alleviate impatience and restlessness.🕊️Opening the mind and heart allows Aries to appreciate and listen to the people and things around them, enabling them to discover and savor the beauty in life.💖


(Purple Kokoro, 2024)

Taurus are known for their grounded and steady nature, valuing practical and tangible matters according to astrology.🌳Unlike Aries, they tend to be cautious and conservative, avoiding risks and sometimes appearing stubborn or inflexible.

In interpersonal relationships, Taurus is quiet and reserved, not particularly eloquent. Initially, they may come across as aloof, but they are, in fact, loyal, reliable, and patient, willing to silently support those they value. They are trustworthy companions worth relying on.🤝

Taurus is exceedingly faithful and stable in matters of love, preferring to establish reliable and enduring relationships. Once they commit, they dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their loved ones, making them one of the zodiac’s most devoted and steadfast signs.

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Pearls bring good fortune to Taurus, encouraging them to explore new possibilities bravely💪

Freshwater Pearl Moon & Star Silver Choker - Daisy | LOVE BY THE MOON

Pearls awaken dormant introspective energy within the body, aiding in the exploration of the inner world.🔮They allow Taurus to delve deeper into their emotions, listen to their inner selves, and understand their own needs while attending to the needs of others. Pearls also enhance intuition and creativity, strengthening spiritual awareness.🌟With this newfound openness, Taurus can communicate with others more confidently, fostering better interpersonal relationships.

Pearls are believed to bring happiness and good luck, instilling a sense of adventure and innovation in the typically conservative Taurus.💬Encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and explore the unknown, Pearls help Taurus adapt better to the ever-changing world.🌈

April Birth Flower Collection: Daisy x Freshwater Pearls🌼

(Cotton Bro Studio, 2024)

The April birth flower, the Daisy, symbolizes purity, elegance, and beauty. Its sophisticated and charming blossoms represent admiration and affection.🤍💖Since ancient times, Daisies have been used in love divination rituals, where one would pluck the petals while reciting “He loves me, he loves me not…” until the last petal falls, predicting the fate of a romantic relationship.🌌

June’s birthstone, Pearl, embodies beauty, grace, and elegance, carrying connotations of happiness and fulfillment.🫧Apart from their calming and healing properties, Pearls are rich in organic substances and trace elements, promoting smooth and radiant skin.🎨They enhance feminine beauty and gentleness, earning them the title of “Beauty Treasure.”👑

Here's an interesting fact about Pearl: In mythology, Pearls are believed to be the tears of the Moon Goddess, which fell into clamshells and gave birth to Pearls.🧝🏻‍♀️💧Due to the rarity of their formation process, Pearls have been well-loved by Western royalty to Eastern courts, because of their symbolic meaning of nobility and prestige.

Gold Floral Ring - Daisy | LOVE BY THE MOON

Shop the April Birth Flower Collection Now

Our April birth flower collection combines Freshwater Pearls, representing true love and eternal happiness, with adorable Daisies and intricate crescent moon motifs, offering timeless and dreamy fashion pieces, incorporating the gemstone.🐚

Is someone you know celebrating their birthday in April? Share this blog or gift them with April birth flower jewelry, harnessing the power of Pearls to seek inner healing and solace and foster self-growth.🎁💍

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  • Ruby

    It’s finally Taurus month. I’ve been looking forward to the launch of the birth flower collection of April, so I could gift the jewelry to my April born friend. Taurus girls are trustworthy and loyal. Daisies are often associated with springtime and are known for their bright white petals and a sunny yellow center. Their fresh blooms and vibrant colors always remind me of my cheerful bestie :’)

    April 22, 2024
  • Nicole Yip
    Nicole Yip


    April 13, 2024
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