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Chapter 06 - Dear Aries: Find your spark and harmonizing gemstones

Chapter 06 - Dear Aries: Find your spark and harmonizing gemstones


Everyone recognizes Aries for their impulsive, impatient and irritable character. In fact, Aries proudly takes these as compliments — over their quick, fun and honest approach to life.
What annoys them more is being labeled as just another Aries. Although the collective shares common traits, it does not necessarily define who they are. The truth is, each Aries is one of a kind, and is destined to experience their own spark.

Screen capture from the Disney movie Soul

Aries, the universe will not leave you hanging without a clue. If you are ready and willing to open your heart, read on to reveal your spark and the harmonizing gemstone, according to your birthday. 
To those can't wait to find out...
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    Aries the Emperor, what is your spark?

    In the world of tarot, Aries corresponds to the Emperor, the major arcana card that symbolizes power and leadership. More importantly, it hints that Aries are here to build an empire over their lifetime. 
    Don’t get Aries wrong. There is nothing that sparks enthusiasm in them like a grand vision. Just that when their impatience is met with slowness, it truly gets under their skin. 
    Now the question is, can Aries still find their sparks, if slow success to them is a torture? We may have some clues for Aries born into different decans below.

    Kyanite — Aries born in Mar 21st to 31st

    Being in the first decan of the first zodiac ruled by Mars, you are born to be in constant motion restlessly. Your calendar is always at the max capacity. Because a non busy schedule is boring and unbearable.
    Leading a get shit done attitude, you are likely to have the first sip of success earlier than most, alas, failure is part of the package.
    At some point in life, you may start to wonder whether your action oriented nature is a blessing, or in fact a curse?
    Spark clue:
    ‘Empty hand is empowerment’ 
    kyanite is your harmonizing stone   
    You thought you will be happy — when you get the empire that you want — so why ain’t you?
    Darling, I am sure that you have the answer within. 
    What about grabbing kyanite to meditate? Meditation can effective unlocks the healing power of Kyanite connecting chakra centers.
    Try practice consistently to clear the blockage, and soon your spark shall be ever-flowing again.

    Diamond — Aries born in Apr 1st to 10th

    As a middle child of Mars, you fall heir to its fiery passion that comes with an extraordinary ambition. Since you saw inherent good in the world, you promised yourself that you will be the one to protect it. 
    Inevitably, there will be setbacks, and there will be injustice.
    No matter how many times society has disappointed you, you always manage to break free and get back at your games. 
    Spark clue is
    ‘Find your everlasting passion’
    diamond is your harmonizing stone 
    People do not change easily so let alone the world. If fighting for your grand ambition includes handling bills, pitch rejections, and consistent effort for a lifetime — does it still spark you?
    If yes is the answer, we encourage you to make an oath to your birthstone diamond and put it on the marriage finger.
    It is probably going to be ‘harder’ than the diamond, but only you Aries, is capable of changing the world!

    Opal — Aries born in Apr 11th to 19th

    Aries in the last decan has a warm vibes that naturally draws people toward them.
    Cheerful, candid, and crazy (in a good way). There will be no boring party as soon as you hit RSVP. Even at work, you are a natural leader full of energy, who motivates the team to keep marching forward.
    However your charismatic character can be a two way sword.
    On your best days, you share your gifts generously inspiring others to join your empire; whereas on the worst days, your ego may dominate you to compete aggressively, and start war even when unnecessary.
    Spark clue:
    ‘Collaboration over competition’
     opal is your harmonizing stone 
    Charisma is a powerful gift from the universe that is meant to be used wisely.
    Ask yourself, what is the spark that connects you and others in the first place?
    Opal Gold Heart Prong-Set Ring - 5MM Birthstone
    As your mood swings along the moon cycle, try monitor the impact by wearing an opal stone ring on the ring finger on your right hand.
    Opal does not only elevate emotional intelligence, it also promotes creative expression for the wearer.

    Final sparknotes to Aries

    What is the spark for Aries? Isn’t it the empire, no? 
    How to find your spark in life?

    Screen capture from the Disney movie Soul

    ... we might have found an answer:
    In the book the Alchemist, the king gave the boy a task to keep oil safe on a spoon while traveling the world. 
    Regrettably, even though the boy came home without spilling a drop of oil, he could not tell any experience during his journey at all.
    Perhaps the spark has always been around? Be Aries, not like the boy. ;-)
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