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Chapter 05 - Hello Dreamer: Unbox your 2021 written in the stars

Chapter 05 - Hello Dreamer: Unbox your 2021 written in the stars



Hello Dreamer,

Once you have tasted magic, you will forever live the ordinary life with your mind wandered in mysteries; for once serendipity finds you, and there you long for enchantment. 

Oui darling, the magic voyage I told you in the last letter did not end there.
Like many of you, I was amazed by the moonstone magic for a long moment until an uncomfortable feeling gradually took over  ooh! A white, fluffy rabbit had been staring at me from the corner.
🐇 ‘Jess, do you want to know what is coming for you?’ 
Lol. What? A talking rabbit? Is this my turn to be on Prankcity?
I instinctively put on a girlfriend-able peachy lipstick. Muah! High chance the love of my life could be one of their 1M subscribers on YouTube. But wait, how did they know my name? 
Three boxes suddenly appeared as I approached the rabbit. And it spoke again:
🐇  ‘Here’s the deal. You can either choose to unbox your fortune; or go home. Your choice.’ 
Huh, free magic tricks or Netflix shows? I felt like something unusual that evening.
*Let the magic begins*
My love, please take 3 deep breaths before answering this question: 
Where do you see yourself in 6 months? (Don’t rush. Take a moment to think about it.)
When the answer is ready, close your eyes counting from 1 to 10. You may open your eyes now.
Which box calls for your attention the most? 
Scroll down below to find your unique message.
The Lovers Box
A rabbit is climbing towards a friend who is patiently waiting on the other side. The Lovers box wants you to know that the reward is on its way in 2021. Soon your hard work is going to pay off — yet it requires consistent patience and effort in order to bring forth the fruition.   
Be it a new love, a new opportunity, or a pay rise. You should always make your intention clear to the new moon. So will your desire align to the flow of the universe.
That said, moonstone is your gem. It enchants luck and affirmations (particularly in love) for the wearer. The more your actions are in line with the affirmations, the sooner you can harvest the rewards.
The Stars Box
A rabbit is navigating the future with a telescope under a starry night. You are a visionary person who sees beyond the surface and short-term results. When you are mapping the way to abundance, it is important not to get distracted by the extravagance on the side and forget about your goal.
You will have some major decisions to make in 2021. While it is necessary to process the pros and cons with your mind, the inner voice within your heart is the key to ultimate happiness. 
There is an Iolite inside the stars box. It is a vision stone that helps visualise your ambition, ignite your intuition, and guide you through cloudy days.
The World Box
A rabbit is resting under a tall tree on a sunny day, which has deep roots growing through the world box. Despite the sturdy branch, the break at the middle symbolises a potential distancing with loved ones because of life-changing events in 2021.
The world box hopes you understand it is no one’s fault but the inevitability of growing up. To love someone is not to possess, but to want them to be happy, even if you are no longer an active part of their everyday life.
The Dreamer opal ring is here to honor the love with a promise. To stay true, passionate and happy as you wish for those you love but are not currently with.



In the past year, I often asked when could life return to normal; Today, I wonder if we must be happier living an ordinary life. 

Whether we like our 2021 written in the stars, or not;

We can always choose to shine brighter, or simply rewrite it. It is up to us. 

There is a whole new year ahead. Start moving now, moon girls!

Until next time. x


The Moon

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