2024 APRIL Special

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Become a member or sign in to your account. Simply add the desired item to your cart, and enjoy an automatic 10% discount at checkout.


We have updated the member rewards on 21st September 2023. You can now redeem cash coupons and free gift with your moon dollars!

HK$ 50

1000 Moon Dollars


2000 Moon Dollars


4000 Moon Dollars

*No minimum spending

* Coupons are applicable to official website and stores.

Update on 12 July 2023*


Reach higher tiers for more exclusive perks.

✦ BRONZE | Spend HK$0 ✦

✶10% off on specific months

✦ SILVER | Spend HK$2500 ✦

✶10% off on specific months

✶15% off on new arrivals

✶Early access to new arrivals and sale

✶15% off during anniversary weeks

✶X’mas Gift

✦ GOLD | Spend HK$4000 ✦

✶10% off on specific months

✶20% off on new arrivals

✶Early access to new arrivals and sale

✶20% off during anniversary weeks

✶X’mas Gift

You have one calendar year to achieve a VIP tier.

All exclusive offers will be notified via email



100 Moon Dollars


1 Moon Dollar for every HK$1 spent


50 Moon Dollars


50 Moon Dollars


50 Moon Dollars


150 Moon Dollars


150 Moon Dollars


1000 Moon Dollars for ONE winner each month

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Share your exclusive link with your friends. If they make a purchase through your link, you will be rewarded an HK$80 off coupon, and your besties will get an HK$50 off coupon! Coupons can be used in next purchase.

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Click the pink button in the bottom right corner to sign up / log in your account.


Earn moon dollars by accomplishing different actions. eg. like facebook or place an order.


Once you've accumulated certain amount of moon dollars , you can redeem the coupons.


You will see an exclusive discount code. Click 'Apply code' and the discount will be applied automatically to your order.

* Our coupons are valid for use on our official website or in-store. To use in-store, simply present the discount code to our staff.

✦ Membership & Moon Dollar FAQs ✦

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

What is Moon Girl Club?

Moon Girl Club is our loyalty program. We offer exclusive promotions to our Gold, Silver, and Bronze VIPs. Members can also earn Moon Dollars by accomplishing different actions, and turn those Moon Dollars into awesome rewards!

How to redeem coupons with moon dollars?

Click on the pink button in the bottom-right corner, you will see “Ways to redeem”. Once you’ve accumulated a certain amount of Moon Dollars, you can redeem 3 levels of coupons by clicking “Redeem”.

How to use the coupons?

Once you click the “Redeem” button, you will see an exclusive discount code. Click “Apply Code”, and the discount will be applied automatically to your order. Or copy the code and paste it on the checkout page. The discount code are applicable to either our official website or stores, excluding all the consignment stores.

I have followed @lovebythemoon.studios Instagram account, why haven’t I received moon dollars?

Try to unfollow and follow back. Contact us if the problem is still unsolved.

Can I return or edit the coupons?

Coupons are non-returnable and non-editable once they have been issued.

Can I transfer the membership/ Moon Dollars/ coupons to others?

Membership, Moon Dollars, and coupons are non-transferable and non-resalable. 

Will my spending in-store be credited into my account? 

Yes, your spending in-store will also be recorded when points have been credited to your account. Please remember to show your email address to our retail staff in-store.

Will points be credited if I forget to enter my VIP email when purchasing?

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we are not able to credit points after the purchases were made. We recommend that you log in to your account before making a purchase to avoid future inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

Will the Moon Dollars expire?

Yes, starting from 7 February 2023, all Moon Dollars will have 6 months (180 days) expiration period on a rolling basis for customers who have not engaged in points activity. This means if you earn or spend Moon Dollars before the expiry day, your Moon Dollars will be reactivated for another 6 months. You will receive email notifications 60 days and 7 days prior to the expiry day. If you wish to check the expiration date of your Moon Dollars, simply click on the bottom right corner.

 *Moon Dollars earned before 7 February 2023 will be recounted from 7 February 2023.  

Will the coupons expire?

Yes, starting from 7 February 2023, all issued coupons will have 6 months of expiration period. You will receive email notification 3 days prior to the expiry day. 

Can I reapply the coupon code after I have placed the order?

No, you can only apply the coupon code before you check out.

How to refer my friends to join Moon Girl Club and get rewards?

Copy and share the exclusive URL with your family and friends. When they made a purchase through your URL, an HKD$50 voucher will be assigned to both of you! 

How to write product reviews?

Customers can only write reviews after purchase. Our system will send invitation emails to customers to write a review after 7 days upon the order being shipped. Write a 5-star review and you will get 150 Moon Dollars! 

✦ VIP Program FAQs ✦

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

How to sign up as a VIP?


You can sign up by clicking the pink button in the bottom-right corner. Click “Join now’ and follow the steps to become a Bronze Tier Member! You can start to earn points, redeem exciting rewards and enjoy special perks and experiences. Once you've accumulated a certain amount of spending, you can reach higher tiers for more exclusive perks.


You can also approach our friendly retail staff in-store, they will be happy to help!

What will happen to my current Moon Dollars?

The Moon Dollars will not be affected. You can continue to earn Moon Dollars and redeem rewards! 

Where can I find my VIP tier status?

You can check your membership status by clicking the pink button in the bottom-right corner. Please login first before you can view your information. You will see your VIP status, your spending, your expiry date, and exclusive rewards for your membership.

When will the VIP Program start?

The VIP tier cycle starts on January 1st each year. Customers have 12 months to earn points. Once you reach a membership tier, the benefits are valid for the remainder of that year and the entire following year.

Will my VIP membership expire? 

The VIP membership will not expire. However, if you wish to continue to enjoy Gold and Silver membership benefits, you have to maintain the yearly spend with us.

How do I purchase with Gold or Silver exclusive discounts online?

You will receive an exclusive discount code via email.  Enter the code when purchasing online to enjoy discounts!

How do I purchase with Gold or Silver exclusive discounts offline?

You can login to your account online and show it to our retail staff in-store. They will handle the rest! 

How does early access to new arrivals and sale items work?

Announcement will be made through email.

When are the Anniversary Weeks?

Mark your calendars for September's Anniversary weeks. Email updates coming soon.

What is the exclusive Christmas Gift and when will I receive it?

Our Christmas Gifts are specially designed and exclusively available to our valued Gold and Silver tier members.

Orders for any jewelry item placed between 1-26 December are eligible for a complimentary Christmas gift. The gift will be included with your order and available for in-store collection.

*Members must meet annual spending requirements for Gold and Silver memberships to access this benefit.

Can I combine VIP discounts with Moon Dollar Coupons and other offers?

VIP discounts can only be used on full-price items and cannot be combined with any other discounts and offers.

Last Update on 29th September 2022*


1. Loyalty program applies to official website and our stores solely, excluding consignment stores.

2. Membership is non-transferrable. 

3. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions.

4. LOVE BY THE MOON Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this loyalty program anytime without prior notice. 

5. All matters of dispute will be subject to the final decision of LOVE BY THE MOON Limited.