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Chapter 07 - Dear Taurus: Stubborn no more! Gemstones that bring you success

Chapter 07 - Dear Taurus: Stubborn no more! Gemstones that bring you success

Taurus Zodiac Pendant by Love by the Moon Studio. Original Gemstone Jewelry Design



Anyone can be a little bull-headed sometimes. Stubbornness is not a Taurus’s privilege except, the ‘bull-blood’ naturally runs through their mind. On most days, Taurus makes a fantastic friend, but when it comes to money issues or decision points, they may seem to be rigid and a matter of fact.

Arguably, those with Taurus in their Sun, Moon and Rising (Ascendant) could be more often labeled as materialistic and obstinate.

 Dear Taurus Sun, Moon & Rising by Love by the Moon Studio

Dear Taurus, you’re not wrong for craving stability and acting rationally. However the only constant in life is ‘change’. Sometimes you do need flexibility to truly secure what you want.

In this chapter, we cover a few tips for the Taurus moongirls who are trying to live their life to the fullest, by being a little less mulish. 🐮

Shortcuts for busy Taurus...

Taurus Sun: Trust the Intuition and wear an Opal
Taurus Moon: Say hello to new beginnings with Moonstone
Taurus Rising: Treat yourself (a Rose quartz), don’t beat yourself


To start with, we asked Tarot to shed light on the main question: Why is Taurus so stubborn?

Taurus Zodiac Bracelet by Love by the Moon Studio

The Hierophant card came out and revealed a rarely told story. With a pope sitting on a throne, the illustration describes that Taurus confides in authorities, systems and religions; which also manifests as a strong notion in culture, society and status quo.

Simply put, systems with clear values are your comfort zones. Once signed up for one, you’re likely to hold onto the familiarity and what once worked well, thus refusing to let go.

Original Gemstone Design by Love by the Moon Studio

No matter how solid the comfort zones may seem, as time passes, they may turn outdated. The hierophant advises Taurus, when facing a bottleneck, instead of powering it through, try taking a step back to re-evaluate. Because only with an objective mind can you make the most advantageous move.


Taurus Sun: Trust the Intuition and wear an Opal

When Taurus is Your Sun Sign

Taurus Zodiac Necklace by Love by the Moon Studio

Reliable, loyal and exquisite with an eye for beauty. When Taurus is in your sun, you tend to possess these valuable traits. Yet, there’re always two sides to every coin. On the flip side, such qualities require longer time and dedication, putting out a first impression that you’re slow moving and traditional — despite your good intention to do things right.

Tips from the Hierophant:
“Trust your intuition”
Your harmonizing gemstone is: 

What can Opal do for Taurus Sun?

Whilst quality work depends on rationality and consistency, there wouldn’t be innovation without intuition; for instance, iPhones, self-driving cars, even the theory of relativity. Einstein once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”

Taurus Zodiac Pendant by Love by the Moon Studio

We recommend wearing opal stone to help you think out of the box. When running out of ideas, just have a look at opal’s light reflection. Watching beautiful rainbow rays is a gentle way to untangle a tangled mind. 🌈


Taurus Moon: Say Hello to New Beginnings and Moonstone

When Taurus is Your Moon Sign

Taurus Zodiac Necklace by Love by the Moon Studio

A Taurus moon has a strong sense of self-worth. You know your place in the world no matter what the others say. One classic example is when the famous Taurus, Cher, was told to settle down with a rich man by her mother, she simply smiled and replied, "Mom, I am a rich man." You know what you deserve and do not satisfy for anything less.

Yet all good things must come to an end. At some point, life only gives you lemon not to punish you, but to prepare you for something better (like lemon cheesecake).

Tips from the Hierophant:
“Say Hello to New Beginnings.”
Your harmonizing gemstone is: 

What can Moonstone do for Taurus Moon?

You can choose to dwell in the good old times, or take the lead to invite a new beginning to your life. Whether to treat change like a guest who invites him/herself, or a V.I.P. who you look forward to greeting; it’s your party, your call baby!

Wishing Star Moonstone Necklace by Love by the Moon Studio


We recommend wearing moonstones to attract people and opportunities that bring luck and new experience into your life. You may soon harness the energy of moonstone by practicing positive affirmations regularly.


Taurus Rising: Treat yourself (a Rose quartz), don’t beat yourself

When Taurus is Your Rising (Ascendant)

Taurus Zodiac Bracelet by Love by the Moon Studio

Where to look for Taurus rising on a Sunday? You’re possibly toasting at a brunch table, off to an Aerial yoga class, or shopping fresh bouquets from a local florist. No matter how busy, you always manage to squeeze time for indulgence and finer things. The other way round, they also motivate you to be the first to arrive in the morning, and the last to leave in the office.

However, it’s sad but true that hard work doesn’t always pay off. Every month when your bills arrive, it makes you wonder: where is the salary rise that your boss promised last year? Did your hard work go unnoticed?

Tips from the Hierophant:
“Treat yourself, don’t beat yourself.”
Your harmonizing gemstone is: 
Rose Quartz

 What can Rose Quartz do for Taurus Rising?

Although it’s natural for you to want recognition, you need to acknowledge that no one (even your boss) is always right. How others treat and think of you doesn't define who you are; a healthy self-esteem should build upon what’s right and meaningful to you.

Rose Quartz Necklace Heart by Love by the Moon Studio


We recommend wearing rose quartz to nurture unconditional self-love within you. Every time when the inner critic visits, please put your hand on the pendant, close your eyes and tell yourself:

You’re enough. ❤️

There’s a lot more to like about a Taurus!

Taurus Zodiac Necklace by Love by the Moon Studio

Before the coffee gets cold, besides stubbornness, have we mentioned Taurus is also dependable, loving, charming and understanding? 

Your down to earth nature is a beautiful gift to the world. Your presence stabilizes chaos and keeps things in harmonious order. But if you’d like some surprises...

Now, the universe opens a door in front of you: would you allow imagination taking you to somewhere you don’t know? 

 Let’s go! And until next time. x



The Moon

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