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CHAPTER 06 Dancing under the Moon: Poinsettias and Lunar Magic🌙

CHAPTER 06 Dancing under the Moon: Poinsettias and Lunar Magic🌙

As we enter the month of December, a season of fruitful harvests, it’s a perfect time to pause, unwind, and express gratitude to our loved ones and those who have supported us throughout the year.

We look forward to the festivities of this heart-warming season and are rolling drums for our newest launches: the December Birth Flower Collection and the Christmas Collection.❄️🤶

Furthermore, we’d love to share with you the magic within Lunar Ritual, a mystical ceremony that holds immense lunar power.

🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑

Are you ready to delve into the uniqueness of these collections and discover the secrets within this celestial ceremony?

Introducing the December Birth Flower Collection: Dancing with Poinsettia

Step onto the stage of this month's featured birth flower, the majestic Poinsettia!🪄Renowned as the iconic Christmas plant, Poinsettias endure the winds and colds of winter, blooming with radiant splendor. Their fiery red hue ignites a passionate warmth within our hearts, captivating us with their vibrant beauty. Symbolizing blessings and sacred prayers, Poinsettias infuse the air with a romantic ambiance, perfectly suited for the holiday season.

Join us as we invite Poinsettia to grace our dance floor, presenting you with five exquisite designs in both gold and silver within the December Birth Flower Collection.🪩

Shop Poinsettia Gold / Silver Choker

Does our choker ring a bell to you?🔔 Poinsettias hanging delicately from the choker, each blossom adorned with a sparkling blue cubic zirconia. As the flowers and shimmering stones intertwine, they create a mesmerizing display, akin to a Christmas chandelier embellishing your neck.

Shop Poinsettia Gold / Silver Bracelet

Watch the Poinsettias gracefully dance upon your wrist with our enchanting bracelet.🩰

Shop Poinsettia Gold / Silver Earrings

If you prefer a more subtle approach to let the world know you are a December moon girl, these dainty earrings feature a charming duet of Poinsettias. Let the delightful Christmas blooms dance gracefully around your ears.🕺💃

Shop Poinsettia Gold / Silver Ear Cuffs

Express your playful yet elegant side with this pair of ear cuffs, boasting a two-layer design with festive blooms and sparkling stones. No piercing required, they can be worn comfortably.

Shop Poinsettia Gold / Silver Rings

These two-layer rings gracefully entwine around your hands, adorned with the beauty of Poinsettias and glistening gemstones, elongating your dainty fingers.✨

Christmas Edition: Unlock the Captivating Charm of Aquamarine

If you're still contemplating our birth flower series, our Christmas Collection is here to captivate your senses.🎁As a heartfelt gift from Love by the Moon to all our cherished Moon Girls, this collection showcases gemstone jewelry including our exquisite earrings and a layered necklace embellished with aquamarine and freshwater pearls.💙🩵

Experience the Enchantment of Aquamarine

In Latin, aquamarine translates to "seawater," earning it the poetic names of "tears of mermaids" and "stone of angels.👼💧Its soft and tranquil blue color possesses a unique charm and the remarkable ability to soothe hearts and facilitate self-expression, self-love, and self-growth with its crystal healing properties.💭

Shop Aquamarine Miracle Necklace and Earrings

Adorn yourself with heart-shaped, faceted aquamarine jewelry to absorb the healing energy and blessings of the ocean.🌊For those seeking an even deeper connection to healing energies, consider embracing monthly New Moon or Full Moon wishes. These sacred rituals can amplify your connection to the lunar forces, nurturing profound healing and transformation.🎑

Healing Lunar Rituals for the Soul💫

What are New Moon and Full Moon?🌕🌑

New Moon and Full Moon are celestial events. New Moon marks the start of the lunar month, while Full Moon occurs on the fifteenth day. During New Moon, the Moon lies between the Sun and Earth, its dark side facing us, rendering it invisible. On Full Moon, the Earth sits between the Moon and Sun, unveiling the radiant entirety of the Moon.

Moonlight Magic🪄

🧙Ancient wizards revered moonlight for its magical and spiritual essence with its gentle radiance embodying a nurturing feminine energy. The New Moon and Full Moon possess potent energy, enhancing the manifestation of wishes with greater ease.🌠

The New Moon signifies new beginnings, while the Full Moon represents fulfilment. New Moon wishes manifest aspirations like business ventures, career changes, and new relationships. Full Moon wishes bring transformation, self-reflection, and release of negative energies, for example, fostering desires for increased income and stable relationships.💰🧑‍🤝‍🧑Channel the strength of the Lunar cycle by embracing New and Full Moon rituals to manifest your goals. Let’s give it a try!


  1. Create a sacred space with crystals like moonstone or aquamarine, spiritual music, candles, and sage and palo santo.🪞
  2. Take a moment to pause and reflect, allowing your thoughts to settle into peaceful emptiness.
  3. Pen down your wish list for the next 4 weeks! Make sure to be precise and detailed.
  4. Close your eyes, hold a crystal or moonstone jewelry to open your heart chakra and absorb lunar energy.
  5. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to the universe by saying ‘Thank you.’🌌

Wish Timeframe 🕛

Make your New Moon wishes and Full Moon wishes within 48 hours after the corresponding event. 🗓️Here are the wish timeframes for the month:
♐December 13th, 2023 07:32 - New Moon in Sagittarius
Wish timeframe: 12/13 23:32 - 12/14 18:54
♋December 27th, 2023 08:33 - Full Moon in Cancer
Wish timeframe: 12/27 08:33 - 12/29 06:11
By exploring our new collections and discovering the essence of Lunar rituals, we hope you've enjoyed our December blog and found yourself truly inspired!❤️From December 2023 to January 2024, all orders will come with special holiday packaging made of faux leather with metallic foil, adding an elegant touch and collectible value, and making both collections the perfect choices for personal wear or gifting.

2024 Calendar

Coming in January 2024, our 2024 calendar showcases the birth flowers for each month and highlights the dates of New Moon and Full Moon, making wish-making easier for all.🌟

Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may your dreams come true.❤️


2 comments on CHAPTER 06 Dancing under the Moon: Poinsettias and Lunar Magic🌙
  • sss

    I was so happy when I received my jewelry, I bought a new heart-shaped black stone necklace! This shop is the most distinctive jewelry store I have ever seen, and it is not easy to collide with others. This will be my go-to jewelry store in the future❤️

    November 30, 2023
  • Talia

    The inspirational design of the ear cuffs doubling as earrings for those without piercing caught my eyes, and I’ve reserved both gold and silver to match my outfits! Looking forward to more groundbreaking and elegant designs from the brand.

    November 30, 2023
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