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CHAPTER 05 November's Delight: Chrysanthemums, Obsidian, and Surprise for Moon Girls💐✨

CHAPTER 05 November's Delight: Chrysanthemums, Obsidian, and Surprise for Moon Girls💐✨

Dear Moon Girls,

🪄As the year draws to a close, November arrives brimming with anticipation and joy, a month where gratitude finds its voice. While we eagerly await the arrival of Christmas and the New Year, let us not forget the Thanksgiving that precedes them.💐🍂 In the spirit of this holiday, not only are we delighted to unveil our brand-new November Birth Flower Collection, but this blog also holds a special surprise for our beloved Moon Girls. Stay tuned till the end for delightful wonders! 📣

Harmonizing the November Birth Flower Chrysanthemums with the Enigmatic Essence of Obsidian

🌼 Intrigued by November's birth flower, chrysanthemum, our jewelry collection features floral patterns adorned with the mystic allure of obsidian. While obsidian may not be the birthstone of November, its captivating essence makes it a perfect choice for all Moon Girls, regardless of their birth month. Each obsidian has been meticulously cut to radiate a mesmerizing glow even in the depths of darkness. 🌟

How much do you know about chrysanthemums and obsidian?

Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and happiness, adorned with titles like "the recluse among flowers" and the auspicious "guest of longevity” in Chinese culture. 🤞🏻️Obsidian, known as the "Apache Tears" and the "gem that ceases tears," is a potent crystal for dispelling negativity. 💧According to Chinese Feng Shui, Obsidian is best worn on the right hand as it aids in absorbing one's own negative energy with regards to ancient Chinese Qi practices. Our November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum Jewelry collection embodies blessings and gratitude, offering well wishes and warding off ill fortune.🔮

Introducing our Chrysanthemums Collection

This new collection explores a captivating blend of unisex and vintage styles—a testament to our daring evolution.
 Discover the uniqueness of our bracelet, with its dual-sided charm. Embrace a unisex aesthetic with the captivating obsidian face, or indulge in vintage beauty with the delicate chrysanthemum side. Enhanced by a double curb chain, it allows your true personality to shine through, offering endless versatility in style. 💫
If you are more of a fan of rings, why not indulge in the magic between your fingertips with our captivating ring?
💍Adorned with vines on both sides and embellished with an obsidian stone, its hidden treasure awaits—a delicate chrysanthemum pattern on the ring's underside.
If you seek to harness more energy, our necklace and earrings are splendid choices. Our necklace boasts a magnificent obsidian pendant with a delicate chrysanthemum pattern on the reverse. As you wear it, feel the energy emanating from the obsidian, stabilizing your Heart Chakra and reducing negative forces around your chest.
💖 Notably, the necklace is adorned with intricate details and a toggle design, offering two styling options: wear the T clasp through the O ring for a classic and refined look or loop the T clasp through any hoop of the necklace to transform it into a Lariat Necklace. The elongated and open-ended Y-shaped design concentrates the power of obsidian, dispelling negativity with a striking aesthetic.✨
Likewise, the earrings feature the playful toggle design, allowing the obsidian pendants to slide freely. With a blend of vintage and contemporary styles, these earrings exude individuality and whimsy. The resonating energy of obsidian gracefully accompanies your ears, adding a touch of innovation to the timeless unisex aesthetic.🤎
Ear cuff
Complete your ensemble with our recommended addition—the matching ear cuff. Meticulously handcrafted with a graceful, hollowed chrysanthemum design, this ear cuff exudes an ethereal delicacy that belies its substantial presence. Each chrysanthemum is adorned with a shimmering cubic zirconia at its core, sparkling from every angle. Adjust the ear cuff with a gentle press to achieve the perfect fit, allowing both comfort and style to harmonize.🪞
🌺Adorn your fingers with the noble glow of our matching hollowed chrysanthemum ring. It unveils an elegant and gentle brilliance, symbolizing auspicious blessings and longevity. Watch as the chrysanthemum unfurls between your fingertips, bestowing upon you an ethereal charm and grace.🌱

 Reimagination of our Timeless Designs

🌙 As a token of appreciation to our beloved Moon Girls for their unwavering support, we have crafted a resplendent reimagination of our timeless designs with obsidian. The obsidian jewelry collection includes our signature pieces: the special Lover Necklace, the enchanting Magic Stone Ring, and the ethereal Moon Circle Choker and Bracelet.
Obsidian Jewelry collection

Obsidian Jewelry Collection

Our revamped classics cater to diverse styles, offering a refreshing allure even to those who have loved our original pieces. Adorned with obsidian accents, these creations not only infuse our jewelry with mystic enchantment but also symbolize our profound gratitude towards you. We hope that everyone who owns Love by the Moon jewelry can feel the profound sense of gratitude embedded within. 💖🌙

We invite you to leave a comment, sharing the person or thing you are most grateful for. Let your words become a gift, spreading love and appreciation far and wide. 💓Explore our November Birth Flower jewelry and reimagined classics—each piece is more than adornment; it's a talisman, a symbol of appreciation, and a tangible expression of heartfelt thanks for those deserving of your gratitude. 🎀
6 comments on CHAPTER 05 November's Delight: Chrysanthemums, Obsidian, and Surprise for Moon Girls💐✨
  • Jacey

    Love the unique & versatile design/style of this collection! This collection also resonates with me because I do feel quite some negative forces around me lately, reducing/dispelling these negative forces would be great! I especially like the necklace & earrings for their intricate details and toggle design!

    November 11, 2023
  • Audrey audrey
    Audrey audrey

    I’ve bought so many of your collections and contemplating if I should get black/gold or black/silver this time round. Love all your creations!

    November 09, 2023
  • Viviana

    Knowing the birth flower collection in my birthday month, November. The design truly amazed me and I would definitely grab them all.
    I visited Causeway Bay store and Abby is really nice and patient to explain the story and design of the collection which drag me even deeper to the brand.

    November 09, 2023
  • Ruby

    Truly appreciate that the designer took references of Chinese symbolism and feng shui to craft this chrysanthemum collection. The obsidian indeed gives the Lover necklace a new life :)

    November 09, 2023
  • Carol

    Wanna buy(๑✧∀✧๑)beloved nov❤️

    November 09, 2023
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