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CHAPTER 04 Blessing from Marigold🌼Shower October with treats and exciting updates

CHAPTER 04 Blessing from Marigold🌼Shower October with treats and exciting updates

🍁Autumn has always been a favorite of many - bursting with colors and beauty, it accompanies happiness and a sense of bliss. Amidst this season we’ve got quite a few fantastic news to share with the Moon Girls. Read on to explore our newest launch, store updates, and the celebration of Love by the Moon’s 5th birthday!🎂

October Birth Flower: Marigold

The much-anticipated October Birth Flower collection is finally here!

Blessed with vibrant orange🧡, yellow💛 and red petals❤️, marigold is the symbol of positive emotions and energy. It embraces positivity, passion and happiness, bringing rays of happiness to people and shines warmth to light up the dull autumn.

🎴Pop quiz: Pick your marigold accessories for a lucky second half of 2023

2023 is almost gone in a blink, hurry and make sure you check off that list! Feeling like 2023 isn't being kind to you ? Stay positive, good things will happen soon! 

Close your eyes and count to 3, let your mind wander as it desires. Open your eyes and pick whichever speaks to you the most - and you shall explore the good luck that awaits.  





A: Necklaces – Happiness and Health

👏Congratulations if you pick A - may joy and wellbeing be yours soon!

✨This stunning necklace is double layered with 3 freshwater pearls 🐚 on top, and a marigold with embedded opal dangling in the lower layer. Simply pull the chain extender to adjust the length of the necklace.

💎Gemstone Facts: 

Opal is the birthstone of October, originated from the Sanskrit word “Upala” ("precious stone”), and was then named “Opalus” in Latin by the Romans, meaning the combination of all gems. 🌟This semi-translucent gemstone is known for its unique colorful radiance and opalescent glow, possessing all the colors of every other gemstone, and is crowned to be one of six types of precious gemstones found on planet Earth.🌎

As the stone of positive energy, opal can banish negativity and facilitate relaxation, bringing charm and happiness to the wearer. Adorn your neck with this necklace helps enhancing the effect by placing the opal near your Heart Chakra,🧘‍♀️ and the dainty pearls can also soothe your emotions.

B: Rings – Love

Searching for love💕? Well, good news - it's headed your way!

Marigold represents the pursuit of joy and bliss, and is a sign for you to seek love with courage. 

L'Amour vainqueur by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

💎Gemstone Facts: 

💘Known as “Cupid Paederos”, opal brings fulfilling and everlasting luck in love for those who yearn for romance, enhancing your attractiveness from within. Pearls are scientifically proven to be rich in organic matter and trace elements, which can be absorbed by humans through prolonged contact, giving you a more radiant look and softer skin.💅🏻

Dressing up your hands by choosing our rings or bracelets. Let the freshwater pearls, marigolds and opal shine on your fingertips, or lay the delicate marigold petals and opal on your wrist, for your Mr. Right to come around.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

C: Earrings and Ear Cuffs – Creativity 

Are you an artist🎨, musician🎶, marketer💻, or anyone else whose job requires creative ingenuity? Wearing these earrings and ear cuffs will give you plenty of inspiring ideas!

💎Gemstone Facts: 

💫Opal can inspire creativity and imagination, sparking breakthroughs and transformative ideas – perfect for those in the creative industries. Decorate your ears with this gemstone, placing it near your 👀Third Eye Chakra to strengthen your intuition and perception.

For earring wearers, choose our marigold earrings with opals and dangling freshwater pearls. If you prefer ear cuffs, let the marigolds bloom on your ears with delicate opals, or pick our layered and double-sided ear cuffs, and complete your look with either freshwater pearls or cubic zirconia and a single swaying freshwater pearl on the bottom layer.

🛍Grand Opening of K11 MUSEA store

🎊We are transforming our K11 MUSEA Kiosk into a permanent storefront! Nesting on the same floor, this new store creates a spacious and cozy space for you to explore our product ranges.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with the brand story written on the wall. The dreamy and romantic shades of pink are highlighted with sophisticated gold hardware, coupled with elements of the moon🌙, stars⭐️ and the sun☀️, as well as warm lighting, fully accentuating the beauty of the jewelry and semi-precious stones. The store is the embodiment of the romance, the fantasy and the boho style that Love by the Moon represents.

🕰Stay tuned for the launch date, and follow us on social media to stay up to date.

5th Anniversary Celebration of Love by the Moon

🥂🍾Celebrating our birthday by receiving a FREE jewelry tray with orders over HK$1000 (after discount). This velvet square jewelry tray features a heart stitch pattern for that oh-so-gorgeous girly vibe. 🤏🏻Easily assembled by snapping the buttons at the corners, and lays flat when disassembled, this jewelry tray is perfect as a lovely décor on your dressing table or a must-have item during travel.🧳

🌱As we plant the seeds of marigolds in autumn, let’s be hopeful and look forward to the flourishing of the bright orange blossoms, 🌼alongside the blooming of our love and romance. Like the healing power of marigold, the jewelry of Love by the Moon will always stand by your side. Treat yourself with our gemstone jewelry and embrace the awaited happiness in moments of life, and good things shall emerge and follow you soon. 💗

5 comments on CHAPTER 04 Blessing from Marigold🌼Shower October with treats and exciting updates
  • Nicole

    Happy grand opening in K11 MUSEA!! Really love your design✨

    October 27, 2023
  • Kathy.w

    Happy grand opening and 5th anniversary! I love the way you use gemstone in your design which makes your jewelry unique and delicate. The gemstone facts is really useful in helping us to have more understanding of your design and choose the most suitable jewelry for ourself. Can’t wait to visit your new store at K11 and try on your new products.

    October 26, 2023
  • Ruby

    Happy Grand Opening! Can’t wait to visit your K11 store in person! The latest Marigold jewelries are stunning. I love the idea of pairing the quiz result with jewelry — I picked the necklace, which is my favorite piece from the October collection!

    October 26, 2023
  • Jamie

    Happy 5th anniversary! I’ll wanna pick up some marigold and can’t wait to get a jewelry tray! I went to your new store and it looks amazing. The design is beautiful!

    October 26, 2023
  • Aubrey

    The Marigold collection is so classy ✨ loves it.
    Are they only around for autumn or here to stay?

    October 26, 2023
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