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CHAPTER 03 🔮Petal to the Mental: Finding Happiness with Aster Blossoms

CHAPTER 03 🔮Petal to the Mental: Finding Happiness with Aster Blossoms

🔮Do you find yourself living the life you want? We have pulled a poll on Instagram, and sadly almost half of you replied “No”. Why is it? 🧐

In the past few years, with the pandemic bringing us to a halt, we finally had more time to put the focus back on ourselves and enjoy the simple things in life for happiness. 🧘‍♀️

Now that everything is back to normal, 💨the busy wheel of life has started turning again: ⏰waking up the same time every day just to squeeze ourselves into the sardine-like packed train for work👩‍💻, then getting off work with nothing but tiredness and dimly starred nights, and the last thing we can do before the same routine runs again is endless phone scrolling. 😪

Once again, we seem to have forgotten to take good care of ourselves and lost focus on life without a sense of purpose.

The show must go on, even at a faster pace after the pandemic, but still, we can be particular about our life, like dressing up just for ourselves, or treating ourselves with a small gift. It is all about a sense of ritual that brings passion and anticipation back to our day-to-day life and makes our day. 

Famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami emphasizes the “little things in life”, as they make us feel the awe of the things that matter, and helps us cherish life more. Life is simply a parched desert without them.

The more hectic and boring life is, the more we need to spark things up. Why not start by wearing the birth flower of September?

🍁September Birth Flower: Aster✨

Meaning “stars” in Greek🌌, this birth flower has a beautiful legend. According to Greek mythology, Asters sprout from the tears of goddess Astraea, who cried because of the scarcity of stars in the sky.

These colorful star-shaped flowers brighten up the early Autumn when other flowers start to wither. Aster is the symbol of wisdom, faith, loyalty, and patience, which are the characteristics often shared by September-born people.

We pair this autumn star with the soothing mother of pearl to bring you inner peace in this restless world, as its iridescent shine adds a gentle touch of femininity to our Aster collection.

♍️Aster for Virgos 

Hard-working perfectionists they are, Virgos put high demands on themselves and others, which often leads to self-criticism and excessive worries that disturb their emotions and health.

The mother of pearl in our Aster jewelry pieces can ease their tension and bring our detailed-oriented Virgos a peaceful state of mind.

♎️Aster for Libra

Fair-minded, sensible, and objective Libras are well-known for their indecisiveness, as they often care too much about their image and comments from others when striking a balance in life, neglecting their true feelings and needs.

What Libras need is simply to listen to their hearts and be kind to themselves, following their zodiac nature to appreciate every good thing in life with a strong eye for aesthetics, embracing the sense of ritual. Take some time to space out and just admire the stars in the sky, or on your body where our Aster jewelry lies.

😊Aster for Happiness-Seeker

Happiness comes from nowhere but ourselves. Being loved or not, loving yourself should be a part of your daily ritual, like buying yourself flowers, treating yourself to a glass of fine wine, or simply wearing your birth-flower jewelry. 

Cherish your time alone to ponder yourself with the calming power of the mother of pearl in the blossom of asters. Just as asters bloom when others are wilting, we can find happiness in ourselves but not in others. 

💫Pick your Aster selection

If there aren’t many stars in the sky, sprout yours on Earth. Let Astraea’s tears shine with you to celebrate every little detail in life. 

Shop Mother of Pearl Gold Ring - Aster

Shop Mother of Pearl Silver Ring - Aster

Adorned with yellow or blue cubic zirconia, the aster stretches its branches and leaves vigorously on the mother of pearl, embellishing your fingers like asters brightening up the dull autumn.

Shop Mother of Pearl Gold Pendant - Aster

Shop Mother of Pearl Silver Pendant - Aster

Just as the stars shine with the moon in the sky, our aster pendant sparkles with the iridescent mother of pearl on your neck, giving your outfit a dreamy and ethereal touch.

Shop Gold / Silver Aster Earrings or Rings

Floral hoops are essential when it comes to festive celebrations like Christmas or Easter — why not extend it to your earlobes as well for a sense of ritual? Let the asters bloom with the cubic zirconia beside you to celebrate everyday happiness, and pair with the ring in the same vintage style in your daily ritual of outfit mix and match to brighten your day.

Shop Gold / Silver Starry Night Earrings, Choker or Bracelet

As much as we adore Asters being the stars on Earth, we cannot miss out on the actual celestial bodies over our heads. Sparkling from all angles, the moon and star huggie hoop earrings give you the hug you need, reminding you to love yourself. Together with the Starry Night choker and bracelet, you can just enjoy your own stretch of sky with luminous stars despite how scarce the stars are in cities.

Movie Scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Scrubs up well not only on a good day but every day. Like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, she didn’t put her little black dress on and adorned herself with jewelry for anything special, but a breakfast before Tiffany’s window displays. The sense of ritual can turn her croissant and coffee into the finest banquet, and your monotonous routine a unique celebration every day.

Movie Scenes from The Little Prince (2015)

Bring back the ritual of life, and like the fox expecting the Little Prince, stick around for our birth flower next month: Marigold.

3 comments on CHAPTER 03 🔮Petal to the Mental: Finding Happiness with Aster Blossoms
  • Ruby

    The new birthday flower series is stunning… I enjoy reading the inspiration and references behind the design of your jewelries :)

    September 29, 2023
  • Tszshan


    September 05, 2023
  • Aster

    Love all your writing so much 🥹🫶🏻 I just learnt from your writing that Aster is the flower for September!!! And my name is Aster! … and I also always think Happiness is the most important to everyone. So I always think how can I bring happiness to people around me. Thank you for the beautiful write up… and the beautiful product.

    September 04, 2023
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