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Chapter 11 - Dear Virgo: The Gemstone Guide for Perfect Body and Mind

Chapter 11 - Dear Virgo: The Gemstone Guide for Perfect Body and Mind

Virgo Amethyst Pendent by Love by the Moon


Dear Virgo,

Staying fabulous 24/7 is uneasy. Presentable outfits, checked. Peachy booty, checked. Plus a beautiful soul, check-checked! What else? Professional during the day and spiritual by the night. (Sometimes Netflix and chill) A Virgo native wants it all; and will work hard until you have it all.

Well. Fabulousness doesn't come from nothing! You realise having a healthy body, an exquisite mind, and a receptive soul in balance is essential. So today the universe brings you this letter to meet Chakra, the energy center of our body to keep the good vibes going.

Dear Virgo: The Gemstone Guide for Perfect Body and Mind

Huh, what Chakras?

The yoga guru Yogi Cameron told us, that Everyone has seven Chakras in their body. From Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, to Root Chakra. They also often come across as wheels. Running together to facilitate different energy flow throughout our body from head to toe.

The Seven Chakra Introduction by Love by the Moon

Discovering Virgo's most powerful chakras

From an astrological point of view, Virgo is an Earth sign so surprise not surprise, Root chakra is your strongest core. You know your Root chakra is in perfect alignment when you feel an abundance of stability and security. Whilst Virgo's other exceptional qualities are in Throat and Crown chakras; Ruled by Mercury, you naturally possess the traits of logical intuition and orderly communication.

On most day you navigate through life with a methodical, practical and stable approach. Yet in order to genuinely feel alive and heal your past wounds, it is important to articulate your lessons with the others openly.

The 6 Gemstones that Activate Virgo's Chakras

What is Virgo's perfect gemstone to boost their Root Chakra, Throat Chakra, Crown Chakra

In this Gemstone guide, we are going to uncover six gemstones that are complementary to Virgo's most powerful chakras. Natural gemstones are like music tuners to chakras. When the energy in your body is being blocked or going imbalance, simply wear or meditate with the right gemstones can alter and bring the chakras back in alignment. Read on to discover:


🌜 Nurtures Virgo with Garnet 🌛

1. Garnet to foster your Root Chakra

Garnet to nurture Root Chakra

« An abundant external love life sprouts from unconditional self-love within. »

Rich in a dark, earthy red color, ancient Greeks named Garnet pyrōpós, naming after the eye of wildfire in Greece. Supercharged with immense earth energy, Garnet fosters your Root Chakra and empower you to overcome your insecurity, look inward to find out who you are.

Virgo, it doesn't matter what the society expects of you; Rather it is about what makes you proud! As you get to know more about yourself, your self-esteem will gradually become higher and healthier. ✨

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Garnet jewelry also release the Kundalini power, aka feminity in Virgo. Under such influence of vitality, the sexy vibe not only attracts new love for the singles, it also renews the passion in a long-standing romantic relationship.


🌜 Find your truth with Aquamarine & Blue Kyanite 🌛

2. Aquamarine to clear your Throat Chakra

Aquamarine to Foster Your Throat Chakra

« A calm and balanced mind builds supportive bonding and constructive communication. »

Aquamarine is a mystical blessing from mermaids in the ocean, which used to be gifts for the brave sailors. Today, it becomes popular among those who seek courage and guidance. Sometimes Virgo may find uncertainty intimidating and therefore is prone to insomnia. In your sleepless nights, Aquamarine will wash away all your pain and worries by releasing you to be free from negative thoughts for a good night sleep.

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Getting sufficient sleep also means an enhanced mood and better well-being. Preparing your body and mind to bring forth your truth, as well as unblocking the Throat chakra.

Although being vulnerable can be frightening, Aquamarine is here to encourage you to share your inner thoughts with your loving friends and family. By taking the leaf of faith, it will heal your wounds and strengthen your relationship in a rewarding way.


3. Blue Kyanite to boost Throat Chakra, Third eye Chakra

Blue Kyanite to unblock throat chakra and activate third eye chakra

« Open your heart to welcome truth and blessings from the universe. »

The soothing blue ray that Blue Kyanite eases anxiety and makes it a natural emotion remedy. Apart from its healing qualities, the stone is also effective in shedding off old habits and healing toxic relationship patterns. With the Third Eye chakra being awaken, it helps Virgo put expectation aside and see things clearly for what they are. 

Blue Kyanite, Topaz Moon Pendant

After dispelling the clouds of illusions and anxiety, Blue Kyanite can restore your Throat chakra to breakdown walls in stagnant communication. The stone's ever-flowing energy also makes it self-sufficient, maintaining a high vibration without having to clean regularly.


🌜A better future with Amethyst, Moonstone and Citrine 🌛

4. Amethyst to awaken Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst to protect your crown and third eye chakra

« Keep good vibes going and luck is on its way. »

The violet color depth of Amethyst is subject to its iron and aluminum properties. Some of you may even saw some containing sparkles and even a rainbow. Magical right? The stone heightens and protects Virgo's energy in the day, connects you to the spiritual realm by the night. Tuning your vibration to align with the universe enough for receiving spiritual guidance in your dream.

Wanting to dream of your next genius idea like how Stephenie Meyer received the Twilight's plots? Place an Amethyst stone on your bedside table, or our Virgo Amethyst Gold Hamsa Pendant under your pillow. The 'hamsa' hand and evil eye Amethyst will protect your soul by only allowing positive energy in your dreams.

In case your bedside table sits by the window, please remember to keep Amethyst away from the sun to prevent it from losing its color.

5. Use Moonstone tuning into Crown Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Moonstone to tune into your crown, sacral and solar plexus chakra

« Embrace every life stages to the moon and back. »

If you are now wearing or having a Moonstone with you, try to rotate it under the nearest light source, and expect your eyes soon to meet an enchanting glow — 'Adularecense'! The magnificent ray will activate and connect you with your Crown, Sacral and Third Eye chakra. Not only expanding your imagination and emotion capacity, it also encourages Virgo to trust the process, embrace your every life stage, and inspire you to gain inner wisdom.

Moonstone Orbit Ball Gold Necklace

Our latest Lonely Planet collection took inspiration from Le Petit Prince and re-imagined B-612 as an everyday jewelry piece. Despite the typical grown-up impression on Virgo, there is a little prince playing hide and seek deep down in your heart.

If you wish to connect with your tenderer side, try to hold the B-612 necklace on your heart and let the feeling takes controlWherever it may take you, go with the flow and explore your true self like nobody's watching.


6. Citrine to ignite Crown Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra


Citrine to boost Crown, Third Eye and Sacral Chakra

« Be Unapologetically You and Happy gets lucky! »

How would you describe the yellow in a Citrine? Optimistic, energetic, fantastic! Like sun ray casting the brilliance outward, wearing Citrine helps you express your original thoughts in the most confident way. Virgo, forget about what the others may think of you for a moment! By igniting the powerful Solar Plexus chakra, the sun energy enhances the Crown and Sacral chakra perform at their best. Empowering you to pursue your passion and to make bold but successful decisions.

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And therefore, Citrine is also the abundant stone that attracts wealth and career. We recommend putting our Citrine ring on your middle finger, or keep it in your purse to invite individual success!


To be honest Virgo, you are not the only perfectionist in the room.

Maybe we all chase for a certain level of ideal — that we never fully achieve — so it keeps us going today, tomorrow, another months and years until then.

Virgo's Amethyst Pendent by Love by the Moon

We will nourish our body, mind and soul; seek beauty in everything, always dream fiercely and love ourselves unconditionally.

And as always, until next time. x



the Moon

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