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Chapter 10 - Dear Leo: Sun child you should always be proud!

Chapter 10 - Dear Leo: Sun child you should always be proud!

Leo's Mother of Pearl Pendant by Love by the Moon Studio


Dear Leo,

I wrote you a poem. My muse, my Majesty the Queen.

« You are the sun in the sky.

When Leo is in sight,
No one can unseen your shine.
Yet when the sun goes down and
The Moon rises;

Darkness’s arrived from the other side. »

Dear Leo: Why should you always be proud of yourself 

Oh là là.

The brilliance of Leo is non-questionable. You carry an intoxicating wave of confidence not only in you, but somehow contagious in a way that empowers those around you to believe in themselves. ✨

Without a doubt you will always be magnetic and competent. Yet throughout your lifetime, expect the universe to unexpectedly turn your reality upside down, put your faith to test, and throw you into unexplainable chaos — for ONE specific reason hiding behind the Sun tarot card.

The Sun Card and Leo

Leo Sun Pendant made of Mother of Pearl, Designed by Love by the Moon

The Sun card is the most positive card in the tarot deck, as astrologically known as Leo's ruling planet

Another characteristic of the card is 'Abundance' because the Sun supplies energy for all lives on earth, and ignites the inextinguishable fire in Leo. Empowering you to be the leader promoting good vibes and bringing optimism to our humanity.

Unlike other fire signs, the immense fiery energy from the Sun is supportive, constructive, and authoritative. Although sometimes a stereotypical Leo may appear as a diva, who enjoys being under the spotlight, acts wilfully assertive, and tends to dominate in relationships. 

Reading the Sun card 

The traditional Sun tarot card

The Sun card is the 20th card of the Major Arcana card, setting an optimistic tone and highlighting the 'Success' aspect of your life.

In the traditional tarot deck, the image illustrates a child riding on a horse, denoting the instinctive control in Leo over strength and nobility.

Before interpreting the card, ask yourself: how do you feel these days? What does 'Success' mean to you at this life stage?

The Sun card in an upright position 


Leo on a sunny day 🌞 

Driven by a clear purpose and sharp mind. Everything in your life is on fleeeek! 🔥 If the Sun card comes out in the upright position, it’s a sign that Leo is in perfect alignment with the true self. The universe affirms that this is the right path to who you are here to become.

Recognise the surrounding blessing and keep pushing through to reach for your highest potential!


The Sun Card in a reverse position


🌧️ Leo on a rainy day

The source of light in your world is currently blocked, preventing Leo to welcome and see the remarkable in their life.

As Le Petit Prince put it, what is essential is invisible to the eyes. Just so you can't see the blessing does not mean it's not here. Try take a step back for a different view! 

When Leo is not feeling the Sun

After a long sunny week, we intuitively know by heart that foggy and rainy days are about to come; not to rinse off our good mood but to put the ecosystem to rest, restore, and repair!

On one of those days when you are feeling dreadful not knowing why, as much as you want to 'fix it', what you truly need is a break.

Hey! May I ask for only 5 minutes of your time, to recharge your faith back to its fullest? — by escaping from the mundane reality, traveling down the memory lane, and peeking through doors to your heart with me. 👁️


🌜 Reminder 1.🌛

You lead the way when everyone's lost.

Leo Zodiac Pendent by Love by the Moon Studio - Model Shot














« I am free and that is why I am lost. »

— Franz Kafka

Sometimes we can all be a little lost. But people always reach out to you for direction, like you have a magic bag where you can draw a perfect answer. Your boss, cousins, schoolmates, or friends of a not-so-close friend, you name it. When you see a person is in need, you never hesitate to empathize, and offer a hand if you can. 

What if this one time ain't about anyone else but Leo's turn feeling lost? Opps! On the bright side, the confusion is happening potentially because you are free.

In the boundless realm of an opened-mind, wandering thoughts do not always conclude. By paying attention to what you like and don't like, the exploration process will inform you more about yourself, thereby heading to a better future. 

🌜 Reminder 2. 🌛

You stay graceful through ups & downs.

Leo Zodiac Pendent by Love by the Moon Studio - Model Shot

« Courage is grace under pressure. »

— Ernest Hemingway

You are a firm believer in justice. Even if someone intentionally spreads rumours on your reputation, or shamelessly takes credits of your work. Instead of door slamming and public shaming, you choose to maintain your cool until the truth reveals, eventually.

Trust the process!

When the wheel of fortune finally turns, you will seize the chance, ride on the luck, and play with your winning cards strategically; whereas turning the unfortunate into experience that helps you make better judgement the next time.

🌜 Reminder 3. 🌛

You are the definition of royal & loyal.

Leo Zodiac Pendent by Love by the Moon Studio

« Modesty is the highest elegance. »

— Coco Chanel

No Leo is made of simple material. Regardless the personality difference, every Leo is meant to be extraordinary in some ways, leading to a certain level of attention, ego dilemma, and inevitable conflicts. And therefore, Modesty has become an important quality for Leo to navigate through an intriguing life.

The world-renowned princess Meghan Markle is a living example of a modest Leo. Despite the public criticism on her marriage, in the interview with Oprah, she was unafraid to speak up about racism in the face of the enormous royal power; yet put aside the family tension whilst remarking the kindness act received from the queen. 

Modesty is to respect your own boundaries while not forgetting about the others.

Last reminder: Balance

Be Proud,
Stay Humble,
Dream Wild.

Leo Mother of Pearl Pendent by Love by the Moon Studio

Leo Zodiac Mother of Pearl Pendant

Live by the Sun,
Love by the Moon.

Leo, you were born bright, but there's no light without darkness.

Can't you tell they are all part of you? The Sun and the Moon, the rational and the emotional, the past and the future. Once you do. Only then can you ultimately transcend beyond your expectation and what you have already experienced.

Until next time. x


The Moon


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