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Chapter 09 - Dear Cancer: Should you leave or stay in your comfort zone?

Chapter 09 - Dear Cancer: Should you leave or stay in your comfort zone?

Cancer Zodiac Pendent by Love by the Moon



Dear Cancer,

Happy belated birthday beautiful. Last night I looked up to the sky and thought of you. Upon the buck moon’s arrival — marking the deers in full growth — soon we're leaving the cancer season behind and the second half of the year is passing by. Counting down the days, in less than 5 moon cycles, 23 work weeks, and 160-ish calendar days ... fast forward to the last page of 2021 awaits.

Cancer Constellation

My love, tell me everything that happened in the first half of the 2021; the little things that put a smile on your face, the heartbreaking news that keep you up at night, and the important someone that makes you feel grateful to have lived another day. Everything. I want to hear all about your dreams, frustrations and aspirations. 💖

Now and then, are you still pondering on the meaning of life, wondering what could have been, and imagining what will be? I guess you have yet to find the answer; I don't either, and I doubt if any adult actually has it all figured out ― as Le Petit Prince's once said:

“Only the children know what they are looking for.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Although no adult can turn back time and become children again, you may reconnect with the inner child by practising your spirituality. Gemstones and tarot readings are great ways to start with. With each of their unique characters, they help us clear our negative energy, and keep our hidden emotions and thoughts in check.

Growing up, you might be told that magic doesn't exist; but today, I want you to forget about what you should believe, and focus on what your heart genuinely believes. Find a quiet place, get yourself a cup of tea, take 3 deep breaths and follow me on a special tarot experience.

Now ask yourself: Is there a situation where you’ve been thinking whether to leave, or to stay? When you're ready, have a look at the stones below, and observe which one of them is calling for your attention.

Cancer Blog Drawing a stone image

Spot it? Keep the stone and the card in mind for a little while ― you'd need them again later. Before jumping to the answer, let’s find out how well you know about yourself!


Being a water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is naturally intuitive, caring, romantic and girlfriend-able, attracting many pursuers after your femininity. Most of your friends and family would have agreed that it’s a privilege to be around Cancer and showered by your love. Whereas those who’re unable to gain your trust may see you as cold, not realising there’s a delicate, warm heart hiding behind the curtain.

Cancer Gif


Did you know Selena Gomez is also your fellow Cancerian? In an interview from a few years ago Selena was asked this question: what did you wish more people knew about you? — 'My Heart', the moment when the answer slipped out from her mouth, both of the interviewer and Selena teared up instantly. The kindness of Cancer is infectious. They simply move people’s hearts and bring them together with their pure intention and good heart. 

As we’re tuning into the loving vibration of Cancer, the universe has gotten ready to reveal the answer that will bring you closer to your destiny. Now have a second look at the gemstones:

Cancer Blog Drawing a stone

Are you still feeling most drawn to the same stone? Or if you'd like to change, or resonate with the energy with more than one stone — that's fine tooAs soon as you've decided, just scroll down to find your gemstone for the message(s) that’re meant for you.



      Moonstone: Easy, Breezy, Leave Effortlessly!

      Juju wears the Cancer zodiac pendant by Love by the Moon

      Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be devastating. It can be an easy, breezy move that empowers you to walk out the door effortlessly; once you’re able to take a step back, and recognize the departure has to take place in order for something greater to happen next. 

      The world card comes out underneath the Moonstone to symbolise completion, that your lesson in the asked situation is ending, and a new cycle is standing right ahead of you.

      🎴 The World Card:
      “Easy, Breezy, Leave effortlessly.”
      Your harmonizing gemstone is: 

      Why is Moonstone Cancer’s harmonizing stone?

      Moonshine, Moonstone Ring by Love by the Moon studio


      Moonstone and the moon child share an intuitive connection that encourages Cancer to simply be themselves. Not only does moonstone heightens your self-love and intuition; if you take it on a new endeavour, it’s going to be a talisman that brings you luck, and reminds you of who you are throughout the journey.

      Moonshine by Love by the Moon Studio

      Before a new journey is taking off, don’t forget to let the universe and the moon know by setting clear intentions, so that they can help you with manifestation. At Love by the Moon, we recommend our moon girls to harness the Moon energy on every new moon, following this simple 3 steps guide to start your new moon rituals.


      Amethyst: The Universe's got your back

      Cancer Zodiac Pendant by Love by the Moon Studio

      Although Cancer is famously known for its softness and femininity, what people often overlook is your ability to persevere and fight. Unlike an obvious fighter like Aries, the Cancerian approach is subtle yet sustainable. Rather than striking recklessly, you understand defense and waiting for good timing are crucial to win, eventually. 

      The emperor card comes out as a confirmation that the universe’s got your back. No matter how difficult the situation may seem, be confident in your judgement to step up or step out.

      🎴 The Emperor Card:
      “The universe's got your back.”
      Your harmonizing gemstone is: 

      Why is Amethyst Cancer’s harmonizing stone?

      Amethyst Birthstone Ring by Love by the Moon

      Amethyst maintains the harmonious vibes and the purity of Cancer; by protecting you from negative energy and releasing anxiety from stressful situations. Putting Amethyst jewellery on every day creates a positive aura like an invisible armour, allowing you to thrive in a safe environment.

      Amethyst Birth Stone Ring by Love by the MoonExplore AMETHYST JEWELRY 

      After you return home from a long day, we recommend cleansing the Amethyst under the moonlight to restore its energy, particularly on a full moon night. At night, you may also place it on your bedside table to relax your mind, and ward off bad dreams during your sleep.


      Kyanite: Hang on! Victory's on its way.

      Cancer zodiac pendent by Love by the Moon Studio

      Cancerian has got exceptional intuition — you’ve been seeing signs and feeling strongly that where you’re at is the right path by heart, but the result isn’t manifesting in reality as you’ve hoped for — yet! It’s literally arriving at the corner. Would you choose to carry on believing in it?

      The VI of Wands card comes out under the Kyanite stone, as an affirmation that victory and celebration is on the horizon, after a long and exhausting battle.

      🎴 VI of Wands:
      “Hang on! Victory's almost there.”
      Your harmonizing gemstone is: 

      Why is Kyanite Cancer’s harmonizing stone?

      Kyanite Pendant by Love by the Moon studio 


      When Cancer becomes impatient, it’s a sign that your energy and thoughts are going out of sync. It’s important to be aware of how you feel and address them during meditation. Practising with a high vibrational stone like Kyanite can hopefully bring your chakras in alignment again.

      Cancer Zodiac Pendant by Love by the Moon Studio

      Besides our own inner being, Kyanite also connects us with other people telepathically, bypassing the communication blockage and shedding lights on the miscommunications; allowing us to take a break from our perception and see beyond the surface.


      Cancer. Are You Leaving Or Staying?

      Dear Cancer: Quiet the mind, the soul will speak


      Have you found a new direction for the second half of 2021? Or maybe, you've known this all along already? *wink* No matter what you're going to decide ... Trust me, whatever comes at your way, you will be fine!

      Until next time. x


      The Moon

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