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Chapter 08 - Dear Gemini: Let's fall in love with your complexity!

Chapter 08 - Dear Gemini: Let's fall in love with your complexity!

Gemini pendent animation by Love by the Moon Studio


Dear Gemini,

I’m not a Gemini but you’ve been my flatmate, my boss and my best-friend for a lifetime. After years I slowly realise it's easier to make myself a better friend than starting a debate with you — Because Gemini is always right. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you have an extraordinary talent with words to turn ideas around at your disposal.

Although sometimes, I’m not sure whether you’re going to cancel the plans that we made, or remember the memories that we created; I have never doubted whether you’d show up when I’m in need. They call you a carefree badass and yet little do they know, deep down you are a fiercely loyal friend, exclusive to only a selected few.

Gemini pendent model shot by Love by the Moon Studio

How did I become one of the lucky ones? Long story. Not only do we have to make it through your exceptional judgement, know how to love you — and even more importantly — the other sides of you; which we’re going to decode through a tarot reading in a minute. Surprise!

Before we begin, take a deep breath, sit back and relax. When you feel like ready, please imagine yourself in these scenarios: 


      Now, the tarot deck is shuffled and ready to reveal.




      Gemini twin model shots by Love by the Moon studio

      Speaking of love, we first seek understanding through lovers, the major arcana card that represents Gemini. It embodies your twin energy with the illustration of the infamous pair, Adam and Eve, who’re deciding whether to try the forbidden fruit; one stares at the tree while the other looks up to the sky, a couple that doesn’t necessarily see eye to eye.

      Lover card 🎴 

      'Choice', a decision to make under opposing opinions



      What does this say about Gemini? Duality. Born a natural intellect, you have the ability to look at the world through many perspectives and layers. Since you don’t see the world as black and white, you always prefer things to stay fun and light. That also said commitment can be difficult because you want the flexibility to change your mind. 



      When a Gemini is hot and cold

      Gemini pendent model shot by Love by the Moon studio

      Oh boy, Gemini is by far the most complex zodiac sign. You’ve an active mind that likes to analyse and to contemplate. When new information comes in, it steals your attention away from your bae; that’s how they end up being in the cold without knowing why. 🥶

      What to do when a Gemini is hot and cold? 🔮 

      Temperance card 🎴 

      ‘Balance’, maintain healthy boundaries between give and take


      The temperance card comes out to suggest a balanced approach for a Gemini relationship; Just like season changes, hot and cold keeps the fun going when in moderation. To achieve this, you need to communicate with your partner about each others’ boundaries. A little patience with lots of love is helpful to prevent misunderstanding throughout the process.

      Gemini pendent and blue topaz pendent necklace by Love by the Moon studio

      In this case, Gemini may wear blue topaz to clear the air in the relationship. Blue topaz is the stone of love & fidelity. It bridges the gap between two souls by enhancing clarity of feelings and building healthy attachment.


      When a Gemini opens her heart

      Gemini pendent close up by Love by the Moon studio

      Every Gemini is sociable. Whether you’re extroverted or introverted, there’s a default social button in you — press that — once it’s switched on, you can talk to anyone about almost anything, almost, yet nowhere close to your heart. Well not that you've got a lot of secrets, it’s just ... sharing your soul with someone is discomforting.  

      Why should a Gemini open up? 🔮

      World card 🎴 

      ‘New beginning’, entering a new phrase in a relationship 

      • Harmonizing Gemstone:  Amethyst
      • Jewelry Recommendation: Heart Necklace


      The world card indicates a new rewarding cycle ahead once Gemini is able to open up effortlessly; particularly to the person who's always been there for you. It’s time for the relationship to transcend and bring out a different side of you. Together you two can grow and develop something even more meaningful.

      Heart necklace styling with other gemstone jewelry by Love by the Moon studio

      Feel awkward about speaking to another person? Start by practising with amethyst, the stone of protection. It carries an unintoxicated energy that helps you to let go of what you’ve already known, and guide your heart to where it’s meant to be.



      When a Gemini says ‘I need space’

      Gemini pendent model shot by Love by the Moon studio

      I get it; you fell in love with a handsome man, a delicate hobby, an energetic city and yourself all at once. Each takes up time and space in your life. After all is it really necessary to choose? According to the Gemini world of critical thinking, you reckon otherwise, these things can make room for each other — you need space! 💡 However, this may sound like a No-No to someone who’s insecure and likes to take things personally.

      Is it alright for Gemini to want space? 🔮

      Fool card 🎴  

      'Faith'. validate your need for space and so will others 

    • Harmonising gemstones: CZ Diamond
    • Jewelry Recommendation: Faith Ring

      Yes, take a leap of faith! The wisdom behind the fool card is to believe despite the uncertainty. Faith may sound like wishful thinking; and yet Gemini, the strongest type of strength comes from within, you have to first approve your own needs in order for the others to do the same. And not only that. You just won’t be able to fix anyone’s insecurity if they don’t feel worthy of themselves. 

      Faith Ring by Love by the Moon Studio

      CZ diamond gives you a boost of confidence and self worth; despite someone who’s different may disapprove of what you need, it reminds you to live the lifestyle that works best for you, unapologetically.



      Lastly, Gemini darling, I’d like to end the reading with a channel note for the lucky one who falls in love with you. Would you please pass this to your partner on behalf of me?

      if you fall in love with a Gemini, don't just fall in love with them; do fall in love with their infinite complexity too

      Until next time. x



      The Moon


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