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Chapter 02 - Self-love 101: How I Use Gemstones To Guide My Heart Home

Chapter 02 - Self-love 101: How I Use Gemstones To Guide My Heart Home


The model answer that I got from everywhere I tried to seek a closure during my heartbreak days. It is like people telling you to drink more water when you are unwell. Man I know it was the way. But my heart still hurt and I had no idea what to do; except for burying my head in gemstones.

I was very drawn to the uniqueness of each stone: The light reflection, the colour depth and the meaning it carried. To me they were also like the North star in the constellation, guiding my frightened heart home in the middle of cloudy nights. 

Ugh the emotion were taking overI swiftly took out my sketchbook and allowed the feelings to lead my hand before it overwhelmed me. As the flashbacks traveled through my mind to the pen stroke; It flourished into a collection of colourful gemstones.

Moon girls, I believe there is something in these gems really heals me. At the very least, it is a more effective cure than drinking more water alone — and I hope the others can have it too. So, I created self-love based on my experience in 4 stages for those who are seeking an answer.


Stage 1. Create a safe place that our hearts can feel at home

Self-love needs a heart — and home is where the heart is — a place that is warm and cosy. 

However there will always be external negative energy standing in the way of reaching self-love. Think about the demanding boss, angry taxi drivers and unanswered whatsapp messages etc. (You know what I mean) It is just not easy to maintain the good vibes.

At these times, colour gemstone can promote positivity and allow our heart to focus on what truly matters. 

Self-Love Necklace Gemstone Guide

Stage 2. Nurture our hearts by honouring beautiful love stories

"Behind every beautiful thing, there’s been some kind of pain." – Bob Dylan

Every encounter in life is beautiful. No matter bitter or sweet, or most often bitter-sweet. It may hurt us, nurture us, heal us, or simply leave us with an open ending. 

No one can guarantee how long each relationship would last; but we can always learn something important from it. Such as who we are, what we want (and do not want) in a relationship, and what love can look like.

When moving on from a lesson, instead of deleting it like never happened, we can choose to honor it with gemstones and take it with us. Just because it matters. 

Love Story Gemstone Guide 


Stage 3. Give your heart space to grow self-love in solitude

Love is like gardening. It needs plenty of space to grow from seed to root; while practicing solitude creates that space in our heart and mind.

Headspace describes in solitude people start to realise who they are as an individual. Then followed by the emergence of memories and feelings. And so our mind can process the past and current information for the future.

When in solitude, wearing Moonstone can protect us by balancing mood swings from past wounds when it surfaces.

Me Time Necklace Gemstone Guide

Stage 4. Live an adventurous life supported by self-love

Life becomes magical at this stage. Imagine waking up with a big smile on your face because your heart is soaked up in self-love!

This happy feeling can last a while longer with a simple ritual. Every morning, put on a gemstone necklace that supports you goal in front of a mirror. Then look at your reflection and say: I'm going to love myself today no matter what.  

It sets our mood right to prepare for whatever is going to happen in the day. Even if it turns out not a perfect one, seeing life as an adventure keeps us thriving for a better tomorrow. 

Moon girls. No two self-love journeys are the same. Yet most begin by knowing that we deserve better. And deciding to love ourselves now despite we are yet to find out how.

May our new self love collection inspire you to start and keep trying to love yourself. (Even putting on jewelry everyday also counts!) 

I promise, your heart will eventually come home as it will. 

Before then, have faith, stay courageous and love yourself first.

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