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Chapter 01 - Lost and Found: How I Started LOVE BY THE MOON

Chapter 01 - Lost and Found: How I Started LOVE BY THE MOON

The Moon Secret is ready to be revealed

How I started Love By The Moon? It is a well-kept secret that I rarely tell anyone. But I feel that now is finally a good time to share (might delete later — jokes).

Two years ago today, I was stuck at the desk of my last job. Soon to be unemployed. Often confused about what was in store for my future. Just tried to hold on with a broken heart from a lost romance — with a soulmate who was not meant to be. 

“Ugh.” I stared at the cosmic jewelry around my hands. Hoping the universe may send me some signs. Be it an offer, a call or just a number. All I need is a sign of hope, a hint of direction.

Back then, my jewelry making hobby was the only thing that I could carry on doing for hours after hours.Je ne sais quoi. For three months, day by day, the weight on my heart slowly came off.

As I started crafting, I went on a journey lured by the beautiful memories from a night in Greece: the moon, the stars, his gaze, and the beats of my heart. It was comforting to see the past transforming into something new. 

Fate had a plan but was not the plan. I started off crafting to solve my struggles of finding jewelry products that were of quality at a reasonable price. But turned out it became the remedy to my broken heart. Could it be any more obvious that the sign had arrived?

I wanted to start my own business and named it Love By The Moon.

Honestly I did not know if this was going to work. All I knew was creating beautiful jewelries made me happy. I needed to seize the opportunity to make a dream come alive.

From launching the first collection, flying around Asia for trade shows, to meeting the fellow moon girls. The past two years flew by in a blink of an eye — made up of the good and the bad, tons of tears and sweats :D.

Looking back, I cannot even believe how we got to this beautiful place today.It is a wonderful feeling. My heart sings every time I hear from you on how our jewelry inspires your days. Most importantly, igniting the magic of the moons and the stars within you through the darkest time.

And today, I feel that it is time to start a new chapter. Perhaps I finally got my closure, or simply, I found the unconditional love within myself.

Thank you for sticking around on this journey.

Shall we keep on dreaming for the new chapters to come?

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