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CHAPTER 11 🌷Unfold the Unexpected Journey of Happiness with May Lily

CHAPTER 11 🌷Unfold the Unexpected Journey of Happiness with May Lily


In our journey through life, we actively chase after happiness, tirelessly following its elusive path. But what exactly is happiness?🧩Each individual embarks on a quest to define this elusive concept, only to realize that people across the globe hold diverse viewpoints on happiness, shaped by their ethnicity, culture, community, and era.🗺️

Residing in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, where the World Happiness Index has experienced a three-year decline, I discovered my own version of happiness. Once inclined toward melancholy, I experienced a transformation in my mindset. So, what is the key to unlocking happiness? Join me as I share some valuable insights and tips on this quest!🗝️

1.Steer Clear of Comparisons


In life's journey, the temptation to compare ourselves to others and outshine them can be strong. However, each person's path of personal growth is unique and cannot be directly compared to someone else's. It is more fruitful to concentrate on our advancement. Rather than seeking comparisons, we should focus on our progress and measure it against our past selves.🔍By reflecting on our journey, we discover that our endeavors have not been in vain, and a true sense of accomplishment and joy cannot be achieved through comparisons with others.🌱

2. Avoid Overdependence on Others


Relying too much on others for our happiness is a common trap.🪣When we expect our partner or friends to fulfill our desires with perfect gifts and they fall short, we feel discontented as we place our happiness solely in their hands.👐

If you frequently experience unhappiness in your interpersonal relationships, it may be because your expectations of others are unreasonably high. It is crucial to remember that your worth remains constant regardless of the actions of those around you. True happiness should emanate from within, independent of the performances of others. You hold the power to control your own happiness.

3. Stay Away from Negative Energy


Negative energy and dissatisfaction can inevitably impact our emotions and thoughts.🌧️Some individuals continuously complain about their work, dissatisfaction, or unmet expectations in their relationships, constantly focusing on the negativity in life.⚡In such cases, it is wise to create some distance from them. While we can offer care and support, each person is responsible for their happiness and well-being. We cannot dictate how others feel or act, and thus, it is not our duty to assume responsibility for their happiness and well-being.

4. Embrace the Present Moment


Do you often find yourself consumed by plans and preparations, but neglecting the authenticity and profundity of your present life?🤔Perhaps worries about the departure of loved ones or the resurgence of a pandemic occupy your mind. However, it's important to acknowledge that such events are beyond our control. Instead, let us take a moment to set aside excessive anxiety about the future and embrace the people, events, and things in the present. With a serene heart, let us savor each moment, fully experiencing and appreciating the small and precious instances that enrich our lives.🌼

The Source of Happiness: Micro-Positivism🌈

Micro-positivism is an attitude of life that seeks to enhance personal happiness and spiritual fulfillment by exploring the small yet precious moments in life. It diverges from the pursuit of achievements and wealth, instead, emphasizing the importance of self-love and self-care in embracing these ordinary and genuine instants.💖

In our everyday lives, there are these small, beautiful moments that may go unnoticed,but bring warmth to our hearts. For instance, observing the blooming flowers by the roadside, catching a glimpse of a rainbow in the sky, unexpectedly encountering and reconnecting with an old friend, or adorning ourselves with the Love by the Moon's May Lily of the Valley collection. These seemingly insignificant moments can evoke a sense of warmth within us.🌞

May’s Blossom: Lily of the Valley🌷

(Source: Pinterest)

The Lily of the Valley, the birth flower of May, is a symbol of happiness. This exquisite flower represents joy and sweet love, and in many cultures, it is offered as a gift to wish loved ones a happy life. It embodies the pursuit of happiness, making it not only a beautiful plant but also a meaningful symbol.🎁💕

When conceptualizing this jewelry collection, I aimed to capture the essence of spring, with Lily of the Valley blooming and the world brimming with vibrant vitality. Unboxing Love by the Moon jewelry instantly evokes a sense of happiness and the energetic spirit of early spring. These simple pleasures are truly the joys of life.✨

 Lily of the Valley Collection

This collection showcases five colorful gemstones or birthstones, each carrying its unique meanings and energies. Moonstone represents new beginnings, Amethyst signifies wisdom, Rose Quartz embodies love, Blue Topaz symbolizes friendship, and Sunstone represents vitality.🔮🌙When wearing these crystals, they sway gently like Lily of the Valley in the breeze, reminiscent of wind chimes, a constant reminder that happiness is always within reach, right beside you.😊

Special Edition

Moonstone, Sunstone, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Rose Quartz Dangle Choker

For those who hold a special fondness for a specific gemstone, the special edition bracelet and necklace are not to be missed. What sets them apart from the regular edition is that all five charms are crafted with the same stone, allowing for the full embodiment of crystal healing.💞

I hope this blog will inspire you to discover that romance and happiness are fundamentally uncomplicated. If you haven't experienced happiness yet, take your time.⌛Everything will come in due course.🌈

(Source: Pinterest)

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