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Chapter 03 - Dream Without Fear: Believe in Yourself Like Mini Planets Orbit The Sun

Chapter 03 - Dream Without Fear: Believe in Yourself Like Mini Planets Orbit The Sun


When in doubt, ask the Universe. Well, sitting in front of a laptop, there was no better way to ask for signs than getting a quote from momentum. So then I opened a new tab.

 “If your dream doesn't scare you, it isn't big enough.”

Ooh là là, It read my mind again. I was terrified by the big dreams I wished for Love by the Moon turning two years old. In two months' time, I hoped we could move into a new studio, launch two new collections, collaborate with Calico, and release limited gift sets. What a wonderful celebration if all of them come true as planned? But, what if they turn out to be a mess? I was not sure.

Why are we scared to follow our dreams? 

Because we know there ain’t a free lunch in the world. A dream will not just happen at a snap of a finger. In Taylor Swift’s words
 “It's just not as simple as ponies and rainbows.
As much as we love to see things through rose-colour glasses, in reality following a dream comes with risk. It brings a sense of hope towards success, but the potential failure can also result in hopelessness. 

In the midst of moving studios and launching Self-love, I had almost given up on the Mini Planets collection. Sometimes late nights and long work hours got me wondering what if no one would like it?
But I was sure I would. I just had to make it work! [Spoiler alert: we made it at the cost of some sleepless nights but worth it!] Moon girls, 💖 So here we are, proudly sharing a how to dream without fear guide inspired by Mini Planets to you.

How to dream without fear (ft. Mini Planets) 

We learn from NASA that planets require a high level of gravity to orbit the sun. So do our dreams! 💡 It is impossible for them to come true without the solid support of superpower — a strong self-belief. 
On the bright side, self-belief is the superpower that can build up through practise. Here is a simple 3 step guide on boosting self-belief to start with:



Remember the last time making birthday wishes? You closed your eyes, made a wish and blew it off the candles — sweet but not very effective. Therefore, we suggest writing them down on a ‘want-list’. It gives not only shapes to the dream but also holds us accountable to make it happen. 

Likewise, putting on jewelry with star symbols every day is a powerful ritual to keep the dream fresh and alive in your mind.


I know facing fear is scary. But sweeping it under the rug would only make things worse. In fact, tuning your thoughts into a right mindset does not have to be drastic at all. It is a simple flow from identify to rectify, which looks like this:

  • I can’t do thisI’ll figure it out
  • It’s too hardHow do I start?
  • It’s not possibleHow will I make it work? 

Blue topaz is perfect for the tuning process because it redirects energy to where the body needs it. So whenever self-doubt arises, hold the stone and rectify them until your mind is in tune with the dream.   


Have you seen the glow on your face after the shower? That’s your inner beauty radiating from within. Under the law of attraction, we have to shine as bright as possible to increase the chance for our dreams to manifest in a positive direction. 

The more you practice the first two steps, the sooner you would notice the scale of your glow elevates as self-belief level develops. For extra help, you can wear color gemstones and statement pieces to reflect more of your light to the world.


Moon girls. Hold tight onto your visions, stay positive with your mindset, and PLEASE BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM just like mini planets orbit the sun as they must.

Happy Shining. Speak soon. x

(Shine bright like a diamond. 🎵)

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