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Chapter 12 - Dear Libra: Embrace your indecisiveness with these gemstone jewelry reminders

Chapter 12 - Dear Libra: Embrace your indecisiveness with these gemstone jewelry reminders

Libra Pendant by Love by the Moon


Dear Libra,

Libra, it’s safe to say that we could be the least controversial zodiac sign of all. Stereotypically known for having an alluring appearance under the influence of Venus’, the ruling planet of love, most of us are loving, peaceful, collaborative and balanced (well we try our best to be). 

Yet, the many wonderful aspects come with an unavoidable trait, the one personality that most of us share is our indecisiveness, weighing out all pros and cons which needs a bit more time than others before deciding on something, if not everything.

On a personal level, this paradoxical tendency has played out interestingly throughout my creation process in the past three years since I started Love by the Moon. Being a classic indecisive Libra, I ponder on new inspiration and life lessons over and over; some people may write ideas down in a notebook but for me, creating jewelry is the place where I can reflect and extend the love and reminders with others. From moonphase, dear dreamer, to lonely planets, every jewelry collection embodies a life lesson that I reflect on at different points of life.

5 Reminder Jewelries for Libra at different points of life.

Getting into and growing through adulthood can feel kind of lost; I’m no exception and often contemplate about what my goal and the meaning of life are. Am I worthy of love? Should I get out of my comfort zone? Do I prioritise money or personal freedom?

If you happen to be a thinker-type Libra, it may interest you to read about the story behind the jewelry designed to reflect on and remind us of the essentials that we cannot see with our eyes.

Jewelry Reminders for Libras to embrace their indecisiveness

My fellow Libra, where are you in life at the moment?

 Read on to reveal the stories behind our jewelries and learn to embrace your indecisiveness.

      🌜 Reminder 1. Love yourself to the Moon & Back🌛 


      The Libra Pendant

      In celebration of Libra’s loving and peaceful characters, the Libra pendant design features a long-haired angel spreading its wings, who sits on a heart symbolising Venus, the planet of love, reminding you to always respect and own your self-worth and harmony.  

      Libra tends to get lost in the search for meanings and sacrificing peace to avoid conflicts, as a result your mind may easily enter a state of imbalance. So I specifically engraved 'Love you to the moon & back' on the backside of the pendent and hope that every time when the wearer turns to read the quote, it will send an affirmation to the universe that you are putting yourself first, in order to gather strength and courage before you share it with the others. 

      The Libra Pendant

      This will be the most romantic and empowering gift that the universe can give to Libra — to learn to love your soul in its purest form, to appreciate the little blessings day to day, and to accept that imperfect side of yourself. Whilst the dainty opal stone on the charm will give Libra's intuition a boost to receive guidance to make the right decision.

      🌜 Reminder 2. You deserve to be loved🌛

      I’m always drawn to the topics of wellbeing, and enjoy reading about psychology and personal growth — sharing about the books that I read heals the wounds in my heart, including the loved ones around me.  

      The Little Prince is one of the books that has a profound influence on me, which explores the philosophies of life through the prince’s space journey visiting different planets. There is a businessman in one of the stories, who daily counts the stars in the sky as his possessions, of course it looks ridiculous when we read him as an outsider; but really does it make much of a difference compared to the mundane pursues of money, status, and luxury in our society?

      Invisible Heart Moonstone Necklace by Love by the Moon

      The Invisible Heart Pendant

      At the fundamental level, money is just a piece of paper, with a value only given by people in exchange for what we want. I think it's worth reflecting on value more often and do not get boxed in by what the others think of you. The invisible heart necklace embodies a heart opened widely, centering a moonstone to release blockage and heighten your inner knowing of who you truly are. Hereby layering the invisible heart necklace with our bestseller embrace necklace, not only does it remind the wearer to hold your vision, the chic combination also expresses your uniqueness to the people around you.

      🌜 Reminder 3. Go out to explore your dreams🌛

      Do you remember the Geographer in the Little Prince, who knows almost everything about geography but ironically, forever stays on the same planet and never leaves his office? It reminds me of the time when I was still  a student: I thought I could learn a great deal of things from books, so travel was not necessary; until I studied abroad and later travelled alone for the first time to prove myself wrong. There are countless experiences in the greater world which I might never be able to find in books.Storybook pendent by Love by the Moon

      The Story Book Pendant

      Continuing from where we left off the Dear Dreamer collection, I engraved the ‘Dreamer’ font on the story book pendant in 3 different stones to call for adventures of all kinds, namely rhodochrosite for comfort, blue lace agate for peace, and moonstone for love. 

      The Story Book Necklace

      Little do people know that the Dreamer Ring is my favourite design out of all the Jewelry pieces because it marks how far I have come and made it to the Dear dreamer collection since the beginning of my Love by the Moon journey. Now that with the new story books pendant, I hope to invite my fellow Libras and moon girls to keep your dreams alive and empower you to step out of the comfort zone. The universe can only reward you after you take the first step putting a dream into action.

      🌜 Reminder 4. Be patient before love arrives 🌛


      Secret bangle - Front

      Speaking of the Little Prince, the relationship between the Rose and him is especially worth exploring these days. Thanks to our modern dating ‘swipe culture’, relationships have become 'easy come easy go’, and therefore we are too impatient to bridge understanding, while commitment is now too ‘inconvenient’. As the fox was introducing the process of taming to the Little Prince, he left an important clue for all of us:

      ‘It’s only with the heart one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.’ 


      Secret Bangle by Love by the Moon

      Secret bangle - Inside

      That said, only through time and shared experiences, can one gradually see the true color of a person. On our secret double-layered bangle you will find the first half of the quote engraved on the exterior, and the second half was hidden in the interior facing the wearer's wrist. 

      I’m a firm believer that everyone with strong faith and patience will eventually find, or be found by their own little Prince, which is only a matter of time. One day, you will look back and appreciate how the time in the waiting has shaped you to be the perfect person for your true love in the future.

      🌜 Reminder 5. Love fiercely but with care🌛

      The Rose Kyanite Gold Necklace

      Every day the Little Prince used to water the rose, listen to the rose, keep the wind and insects away from hurting the rose; I took inspiration from their interaction to design the look of the Blue Rose Kyanite necklace. 

      ‘It’s the time you wasted on the rose that makes it so important.’  

      The arched edge around the rose means to imitate the shape of a glass jar protector to symbolise that all relationships take time and need to be handled with care.  The blue kyanite can help you to stay calm and communicate better in a relationship.

      The Rose Kyanite Necklace by Love by the Moon

      The Rose Kyanite Gold Necklace

      The necklace is also a reminder to the wearer not only to immerse in our inner world and love life, for there are plenty of things, small details, friendships and family in the external world that are worthy of our time and attention.


      Everyone has their own timing to grow and experience throughout this lifetime. By sharing the stories behind my favourite jewelry pieces, I hope the Libra in need will find what you need to hear at this moment; or simply a piece of jewelry to remind you that your indecision can be a gift!

      Moongirl Club Neon Sign

      I wonder what are your stories behind jewellery from The Little Prince series? Share it with me and the #moongirlclub community on the product review to receive a special discount on your next jewelry purchase!

      Until next time.


      the Moon

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