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CHAPTER 07 Embark on an new journey of self-discovery and personal growth

CHAPTER 07 Embark on an new journey of self-discovery and personal growth

It's been a whole year already! As we wrap up this year full of joys and challenges, let's take this opportunity to chat about self-growth — a journey of lifelong learning.

Movie Elemental (2023) Official Poster
🌱We've picked up several lessons from the movie Elemental, and we'd love to share them with you to help kickstart your 2024.💡And because we love fresh starts just as much as you do, we're excited to introduce our gorgeous January Birth Flower Collection, featuring Carnation and pearl jewelry that's all about celebrating fresh beginnings and the possibilities they bring.🌟 Keep on reading to gain new insights and find out what's new!

Elemental: A Story of Self-Growth

Movie Scenes from Elemental (2023)
Elemental is a story of love and self-discovery that bloomed in Element City, home to living elements.🔥Ember, a fire element brimming with curiosity, meets Wade, a water element whose sensitive and go-with-the-flow nature, starkly contrasts with her fiery spirit.💧Despite the traditional belief that “elements cannot intermingle,” their unexpected romance stirs Ember to question her path — sustain her family’s legacy or chase her dreams.
Movie Scenes from Elemental (2023)

Let's imagine ourselves as Ember and navigate this adventurous tale, gleaning life lessons along the way.📖 

Lesson 1 -  Embrace and heed the whisper of your innermost feelings

Movie Scenes retrieved from Elemental (2023)

“I don’t think a temper is so bad. Sometimes when I lose my temper, I think it’s just me trying to tell me something I’m not ready to hear.” Wade, Elemental (2023)

Wade’s free-flowing emotions demonstrate the strength in vulnerability, which could be a key lesson for us. Back in my twenties, I was all about proving my strength and independence as a woman. Yet, as I entered my thirties, I came to understand that vulnerability is where the real power lies. Embracing tears and sadness is not a sign of weakness; rather, it signifies growth and a profound connection with our inner selves.🎭
Corresponds to Blue Lace Agate: the encouragement of speaking with clarity and being honest to your inner voice

Lesson 2 - Reclaim control over your own life

Movie Scenes retrieved from Elemental (2023)

“Embrace the light when it burns because it won’t always last forever.” — Ember, Elemental (2023)

Ember stands at a crossroads: her father Bernie’s business or her own aspirations.🚦Our lives often require us to make choices, too. While countless voices prescribe paths and careers for stability, they can muffle our true desires.
Movie Scenes retrieved from Elemental (2023)
Life is singular and fleeting; don’t spend it chasing others’ expectations. Sidestep the snares of conformity; let your inner voice guide you above the din.🏃‍♂️🔇
Ultimately, it takes bravery to heed your heart and intuition. This year, why not resolve to steer your own life’s course?🧭
Corresponds to Moonstone: new beginnings

Lesson 3 - Communication is the simplest solution

Movie Scenes retrieved from Elemental (2023)
In the end, Ember's candid talk with her father reaches a heartwarming conclusion. Ember shares her wish to forge her own path, and Bernie backs her choice.
Often, straightforward dialogue is the key. 🗣️While frank discussions do not guarantee joyous endings, they cut through doubt and hesitancy. In Asian culture where directness is daunting, we can gently learn to adopt it. Remember, communication extends beyond words. Letters, visits, and thoughtful tokens also convey deep care.💌
Corresponds to Aquamarine: encouragement of self-expression

Our January Birth Flower Collection: Carnation and Pearl💍

Mirroring Ember and Wade’s harmonious union, January’s birth flower Carnation and Pearl form an ideal duo in this month’s birth flower collection. Celebrate the new year and show affection with January’s captivating jewelry range that pairs the love symbolized by carnations with the enduring allure of pearls.🪞

These shiny golden earrings feature a blooming carnation and a pearl respectively, combining simple and elegant design with a touch of sophistication while serving as a reminder to always listen to your voice within.
Adorned with an adjacent carnation and pearl, this bracelet imbues you with the courage to move forward fearlessly.
With its design inspired by carnation stems winding around your finger and dotted with a pristine pearl, this ring fits well with many looks and adds something special to any outfit. 
Boasting a delicate floral cut-out pattern, both the ring and bracelet convey elegance with every gesture, drawing out the slenderness of your finger and wrist, and embodying your new year’s wishes and aspirations. The pearl pendant on the ring symbolizes a year filled with joy ahead.
This versatile freshwater pearl necklace can be separated into two bracelets and features dual clasps for adding a pendant.
If you struggle to put feelings into words, giving our new pieces as gifts that carry the meanings of respect, blessings, and good fortune to your loved ones will speak volumes of your profound love and gratitude.
Though it’s not January’s birthstone, pearls’ association with love, success, and joy lends profound meaning to these exquisite adornments, making our freshwater pearl jewelry a perfect choice to ring in the new year and convey care for everyone.🎁
Let these exquisite jewelry pieces be your constant source of motivation and a stylish companion as you navigate the promising vistas and hurdles that 2024 will unfold. We wish you a year filled with growth, self-love, and the courage to embrace new beginnings.🩵Before you leave with new insights, let us know what you think about the movie and the new birth flower collection in the comments below!✨
Movie Scenes retrieved from Elemental (2023)  

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